• Preparation and review of FEED documents, Tender Documents
• Basic & Detailed Engineering Design Of complete Plant.
• Prepare technical proposals, man hour estimation, scope identification, responsibility matrix, schedule and cost estimation.
• Equipment design (vessels, columns, exchangers, fixed and floating roof storage tanks).
• Prepare Mechanical Data Sheets / Engineering Drawings for Pressure Vessels, S&T Heat Exchangers, Columns, Platforms & Ladders and Storage Tanks, Chemical Injection Packages,
Pumps, Compressor and Steam Turbine.
• Prepare/ Review Specifications and Standard Drawings of equipment.
• Prepare Requisitions for Storage Tanks, Drums, Columns, Filters, S&T Heat Exchangers, Air Fin Coolers, Plate Type Heat Exchangers, Fluid Bed Coolers, Package items, Material Handling Equipment, Overhead Cranes, Drum Filling Package, Vent Stacks and Pumps.
• Perform/ Review design calculations of Pressure Vessels, Heat Exchangers, Storage Tanks and Ducts & Chutes, for basic design and estimation purposes
• Review of Detail Drawings of S&T Heat Exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Columns, Ducts & Chutes, Storage Tanks, Drums, Air Fin Coolers and Package Equipment.
• Piping Stress Analysis.
• Development of Key Plans, Piping and Equipment layouts.
• Piping Isometrics and preparation of Bill of Material.
• Flow line Calculations (Thickness, Upheaval by K-Peter Method, Buoyancy, Elastic Bend, Anchor Block Size, Virtual Anchor length, Railway Crossings etc.)
• Offsites and utility system design.
• Wind Farm Feasibility Studies / Annual energy yield / Micrositing etc.
• Vendor Technical Bid Clarifications, Bid Tabulation & Evaluation.
• Vendor Document Review.