• Preparation of Instrument Index, I/O list, Instrument Cable Datasheets, JB datasheets, Specification, Technical Bid Evaluation (TBE), Vendor Documents review of Instruments (Pressure Transmitter, Level Transmitter, Temperature transmitter, Flow transmitter, Pressure gauges etc.), Passive Cooled Shelter, Control Valves, SSV and On-Off Valves.
• Preparation of Datasheets and Specifications of electrical equipment (MV, LV Switchgear, Cables, Motors, UPS) as per project requirement.
• Preparation of Hazardous Area Classification Drawings & Hazardous material list.
• Development of load list & load schedules
• Power system studies (Load flow & short circuit)
• Sizing calculations including Generators, Transformer, Motors, UPS system etc.
• Development of SLDs for HV/LV power generation and distribution systems.
• Substation installation Layouts. Cabling, Trenching & Tray Layouts
• Lighting Design calculations and development of lighting layouts for area/road/ buildings. Grounding Design calculations & Layouts
• Cathodic protection & heat tracing system review
• Cable sizing calculations and development of Cable Schedule & Drum Schedule
• Control Room Layout and Arrangement Drawings
• Preparation of Control Narrative, Control Philosophy, specification for package items, Requisitions & Specifications for DCS / PLC and ESD System, general instrumentation.
• Preparation of cable schedule, cable layouts, installation drawings, loop drawings, wiring drawings, scope of work, complete BM / BQ etc. for Surface Facilities and Central Processing Facilities.
• Panel Specification and Arrangement Drawings
• Sizing of Orifice Plates and Control Valves.
• Logic / Loop Diagram and Termination Drawings
• Hook-up and Installation Drawings
• Smart Plant Instrumentation SPI (Intools) and PDS.
• Vendor Document Review, Technical Bid Clarifications, Tabulation & Evaluation.