• As-Built of RCC Building and Steel Structure.
• Expertise in use of Reinforced Concrete, Pre-stressed Concrete and Steel.
• Structural Design of RCC Buildings, Bridges, and Infrastructure projects.
• Structural Design of Steel Structures (Industrial Buildings, Equipment supporting structures, Pipe Racks etc)
• Structural Design of Special Membrane Structures (Tensile Structures)
• Structural Design of Shoring and Support Systems during construction.
• Structural Design of Tank, Vessel, Column, Pump foundations and other equipment foundations.
• Structural Design of Transmission and Communication structures.
• Waterworks Engineering.
• Evaluation of Existing Buildings, Road, Bridges, and Steel Structures.
• Inspection, Retrofitting & Rehabilitation of existing structure.
• Preparation of Tender Documents including estimation, costing and proposal evaluation.
• Preparation of tender, construction and shop drawings.
• Construction and Fabrication/Shop drawings and support services.
• Top Supervision services of the project.